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Eric Berry-Chiefs sequel is another reminder that franchise tag must go

Eric Berry and the Chiefs are back to square one with the franchise tag, according to various local and national news reports. Which makes this as good a time as any to remind everybody of how much the franchise tag should be abolished.

Face it. All sorts of speculation connect Cousins with his former coordinator in D.C., Kyle Shanahan, in San Francisco. If Cousins wants no part of the 49ers, he hasn’t let on in any way. That should tell you plenty — the promise of Shanahan’s regime or not, that carnival act in Santa Clara hasn’t been ruled out.

What’s out there that’s flakier than what’s going on where he already is? Does everybody out there know who’s calling the shots, who has the final say? Not completely. Guess what. They do in Washington — at least now, two years after the fact, after McCloughan was presented as the team builder, then was abruptly sent to an undisclosed location this offseason.

Also, no talk show host/game analyst on the 49ers’ flagship radio station is dropping random, unverified observations about anybody’s fitness for the job, or about major addiction relapses. Unlike what’s happened in Washington recently.

“That’s a hard one in the locker room,” Quinn said afterward. “No place to put that one mentally for us.”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank then came into the interview area to hear his head coach speak (which is customary postgame). Blank’s face was anything but. It displayed all the emotion of someone who had watched Atlanta’s 28-3 lead midway through the third quarter gradually get chipped away through a combination of Patriots perseverance and self-inflicted wounds.

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