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Hue Jackson admits adding QB to Browns is ‘imperative’

The Browns hold the top spot, and the No. 12 pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and their fan base wants to know who will head to Cleveland.

Many expect the Browns to take a quarterback, considering the position held them back last season. Robert Griffin III didn’t show a whole lot as a starter, and Cody Kessler is still pretty unknown.

The second, more likely option is that the Yankees will keep running him out there in hopes that he figures out what’s wrong, which is something Girardi has reinforced several times. On the surface, Tanaka’s issues are pretty simple: As a pitcher who doesn’t rely on pure power stuff, has been living in the upper half of the zone in ’17. His velocity hasn’t changed much from 2014 to now, according to Fangraphs.

But there’s still a third option that may seem farfetched. But given the Yankees’ recent selling spree, it might not be.

Let’s say that Tanaka goes on an absolute tear from this point. With the way Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been dealing these past 365 days, maybe Tanaka could be a trade option. A risky, high-priced trade option for other teams, but if there’s a team really looking to hammer down its contender status, looking for depth, and would be willing to take the risk of future years of Tanaka, it could be on the table.rams_001

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