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Kawhi Leonard shines as Spurs bounce back to even series

The Spurs are back in it.

Just watching the ball and watching where guys shoot, Thompson said. If a guy is shooting a shot in the corner, 70 percent of the missed shots usually come off that other side, and 30 percent hits off the front rim. So just playing the percentages and kind of studying your teammates’ shots throughout the course of the game.

For instance, a guy like Channing (Frye), if he misses a shot, he has a lot of arc on his shot, so if he misses it’s probably going to be close. J.R. (Smith), his shot is a little bit more, not as much arc as Channing, so if he misses, it might be a little bit more long rebound. Just understanding your teammates. But I’m hoping they make every shot. But if not, I tell them, ‘Don’t worry, there’s a good chance I will be able to get that offensive rebound.’

Thompson is below the trees at 6-9 but has a 7-1 wingspan, great lateral quickness for his size and an impressive second jump. (These are all traits that have also made him a force on the defensive end this postseason.) The biggest part of his offensive rebounding success, though, is his ability to read the ball. Thompson explained the process at Wednesday’s practice.

The Raptors were forced to play without All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry, who is still nurisng an ankle injury. Cory Joseph started in his place, but scored just four points on 2 of 12 shooting. DeMar DeRozan scored 37 points to led Toronto, but he ultimately didn’t receive enough help down the stretch.

Cleveland has been pretty nonchalant about this series, which has caused Raptors players to feel disrespected. This series, which never looked all that competitive from the start, is now virtually over.

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