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LaVar Ball: Don’t compare us to the Kardashians

Don’t tell LaVar Ball and his family they are like the Kardashians.

Lonzo Ball’s father indicated he was over being compared to the reality TV moguls and said they were nothing alike.

“I ain’t no Kardashain, I ain’t Kris Jenner,” LaVar Ball told TMZ Sports. “We the Balls, welcome to the Ball era.”

The similarities between the families are striking: Kris Jenner and her children have made a lifestyle out of being on reality TV. LaVar Ball said he and his family are getting a reality TV show. Kris Jenner is known for managing her children’s careers and securing their signature brands. Lavar Ball has created Big Baller Brand and is trying to make an empire off his family’s name. Both clans are also based in southern California

However, LaVar Ball doesn’t even want his name associated with the Kardashians.

“I don’t like them, I don’t dislike them. Kardashians are Kardashians.” LaVar Ball said. “We’re separate. We’re ball players.”

On one hand, this is a backup point guard for a Cleveland team that has desperately needed one. He’ll help the team run offense when LeBron James and Kyrie Irving sit.

On the other, he took a big nose dive last season in Los Angeles and Atlanta. There’s not a lot of evidence he’s a better option than Deron Williams was last season, and Williams struggled in the playoffs. Also, Calderon’s defense has always been a sieve, and Cleveland’s biggest issue is its defense.

This doesn’t really fill any holes, and the true cost to Cleveland is in the area of $6-7 million given their luxury tax bill. Given that the team can simply stagger LeBron and Kyrie’s minutes, I’m not sure that a point like this at a relatively high cost to the organization makes a ton of sense.

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