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NFL stars fire back in newest edition of Mean Tweets on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Evans surprisingly declared early this year after just 14 college starts and one season at Virginia Tech. But Evans is set to be a 23-year-old rookie after bouncing around schools early in his career. Evans, who has a ways to go in terms of footwork and play progression development, has the same intrigue as Cardale Jones did a year ago, and he might go in the similar draft range. Evans is a dual-threat passer who improved in confidence and decisiveness as the 2016 season went along. He’s mentally equipped to develop after a year or two in the NFL, but he’ll be a project quarterback for an NFL team.

Jimmy Kimmel rolled out part two of his NFL “Mean Tweets” series late Thursday, just days before Super Bowl 51.

This year’s lineup includes Rob Gronkowski, Tony Romo, JJ Watt, Odell Beckham Jr., DeMarco Murray and Josh Norman, among others, who recite the brutal insults on camera.

Some of the stars’ responses are just as good as the tweets themselves. See for yourself.

Webb doesn’t have great velocity control or perimeter placement to be a plug-and-play starter in more than few systems, but he possesses the requisite size, arm talent and vertical accuracy to entice teams to spend a top-three round pick on him.

After his early-season struggles and midseason injury in 2016, Kelly went from over-hyped senior quarterback to forgotten in a draft class eventually dominated by underclassmen. He struggled mightily without Laremy Tunsil and Laquon Treadwell to start the year, and his reckless ball placement and inefficient play progression won’t help him win teams over. Combine all that with his off-field red flags, and Kelly will have to rely on his arm talent and athleticism to get him drafted.chargers_003-180x180

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that McVay’s team was the one to draft Everett.

It might not have seemed like a flashy pick at the time, but the small-school prospect wasn’t flying under everyone’s radar.

“A couple other teams groaned when they saw him come off the board with the 44th pick, thinking he’d slip to them later in the second round,” MMQB’s Albert Breer reported.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that McVay’s team was the one to draft Everett. Before he was promoted to Washington’s offensive coordinator job in 2014, McVay was the team’s tight ends coach for three seasons. He helped coax career-best seasons out of Logan Paulsen and Fred Davis, and he also groomed Jordan Reed. In 2013, Reed set team records in catches (45) and receiving yards (499) for a rookie tight end. Two years later in McVay’s offense, Reed set two more team records for a tight end, with 87 receptions and 952 yards.

If McVay can bring along Everett like he did Reed, that only helps the development of Goff.

While Osweiler has been a starting quarterback, he hasn’t been a particularly good one. He’s lost jobs to the injury-riddled husk of Peyton Manning and unheralded backup Tom Savage. His performance in Denver and Houston, where he was surrounded by top-notch receivers like Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, DeAndre Hopkins, and Will Fuller, was at best underwhelming. Only the presence of two of the league’s most intimidating defenses could buoy him to a 13-8 record as a starter.yankees_1615_354b587543651dbe-180x180

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Riley Cooper to work out for Buccaneers; surprised it took so long to get picked up

Former Eagles receiver Riley Cooper was admittedly surprised and humbled when teams didn’t immediately call him to see if he’d be interested in joining after he was cut by Philadelphia in February of 2016.

So when the Buccaneers offered the six-year NFL veteran a chance to attend their rookie minicamp on a tryout basis this weekend — his first football action since he left the Eagles — he jumped at the opportunity.

“I was in Philly for six years. I got cut,” Cooper said (via ESPN). “I was expecting to get picked up somewhere and I didn’t. It was hard to keep training and stay ready without seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. I just kept grinding and grinding. The opportunity is finally here, and you’ve got to make the best of it.”
WKNR announced Wednesday night it had terminated Parr’s employment.

“He’s on the lean and the molly,” Parr said on “The Really Big Show” on ESPN 850. “The guy’s not going to make it. He’s not going to make it through the season.

“He’s another Josh Gordon … I’ve seen it first-hand from a different vantage point, and it’s the same thing all over again. How are you already high out of your mind, and you’ve only been here for a week.”

Even after show hosts Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer tried to get Parr to walk back her statements, she doubled down and even joked that 10-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas was “on the lean,” which is also known as “purple drink” or “sizzurp.”

“I guess I can’t say certain things,” Parr said before she was interrupted by one of her co-hosts with, “No. You can’t.” “Josh is living with me and is in the best place mentally that he has been in dating back years before entering the NFL. He has taken the proper steps to treat his issues and has followed a very strict protocol that the league and our team here has laid out for him. He’s also in the best shape of his life and feels even better than he did when he had his breakout year in 2013.

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Isaiah Thomas dedicated his 53-point Game 2 performance to his late sister Chyna

Isaiah Thomas’ sister, Chyna, died in a single car accident right as the NBA playoffs started. It’s impossible not to root for the older brother, whose hasn’t missed a game for the Boston Celtics despite the massive grief he must be experiencing right now. Before the Eastern Conference semifinals began, Thomas went to Chyna’s funeral in Tacoma, Wash. In Game 1, he led the Celtics to a win against the Washington Wizards.

Game 2, though, fell right on what would have been Chyna’s 23rd birthday. Thomas didn’t just play well — he scored 53 points in an overtime win, the most points in a playoff game since 2003, and dedicated the performance to her in the post-game press conference.

“Today is my sister’s birthday,” Thomas said. “She would have been 23 today. The least I can do is play for her.”

It’s gut-wrenching. I could write words here trying to imagine what Thomas might be feeling, but that doesn’t feel appropriate nor could it be representative of his actual emotions. Our heart goes out to Thomas.

But the real outlaw here is Ovechkin — and there is a long history between Engine No. 8 and the Penguins. A long history of odd and unusual plays where you scratch your head and ask, “Wait a second, was he trying to maim somebody?” Ovechkin seems to have mastered the art of the reckless play that may or may not have been intentional and leaves everybody wondering what the blank just happened.

To my way of thinking, you make enough of those plays against the same team, and you lose the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunate as it is, it’s quite routine for defensemen to get nicked and bruised and even injured when blocking shots. Why they willingly put their bodies in front of speeding projectiles is beyond me, but that’s why they’re being paid to play hockey and not me.

Even still, quotes surfaced after the game that some Penguins in the room weren’t pleased with Ovechkin’s choice of shot, via DK Pittsburgh Sports.

[Hainsey] indicated following the game that his helmet absorbed the majority of the blow and that he believed he would be OK.nike_chargers_348

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Davis is a true sideline-to-sideline linebacker

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the 49ers might just scoop up Trubisky with the second overall pick. That option is on the table, despite the presence of two quarterbacking stalwarts, Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley, on the roster already.

That’s at least what the 49ers would like the rest of the league to believe. Unless maybe they are really serious about it, which they totally could be. Probably not, but you can’t put anything past a head coach who chose NOT to run the ball with a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl.

After playing mostly a backup role his first two years in Gainesville, Davis earned a starting job in 2015, finishing with 98 tackles (including 11 for losses), 3.5 sacks, and an interception.

His senior season was less successful, though, as Davis tried playing through a high ankle sprain but ultimately ended up missing three games late in the season. The injury also forced him to skip the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, but he put in an impressive performance at Florida’s pro day, recording vertical (38.5 inches) and broad jump times (10’9) that would’ve ranked tops in Indianapolis.

Davis is a true sideline-to-sideline linebacker. Watch any Florida Gators game from the past two years, and you’ll see him involved in nearly every play. He has an excellent first step, shooting the gap with authority. He should be an immediate asset in run support in the NFL. While pass coverage isn’t his strong suit, his speed and lateral quickness means Davis can still hang with tight ends.

“I’m just worried about the snap,” ASU head coach Todd Graham said of Gonzalez in 2014 after a game-winning kick, via the Arizona Republic. “I don’t worry about him. He has a personality that gives you a lot of confidence. He’s the best I’ve been around. If he lines up right, he’s going to make every field goal he tries.”

If Gonzalez is susceptible to the yips that plague so many young kickers, he never showed signs of that in Tempe.nike_cardinals_013

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Eagles fan plays best Twitter prank ever by claiming he sabotaged Adam Schefter’s Starbucks order

Of course Schefter drinks a venti on the reg. Anyone could have predicted that one from a mile away. The loose Starbucks lid is an institution. Honestly, I’m surprised this took 10 years to happen to the ESPN NFL Insider. It happens to me at least once a month.

Anyway, this single tweet of spilled coffee isn’t the story here. It’s the Eagles fan who claimed responsibility for sabotaging Schefter’s coffee.

“I’m no different than the guys,” he told Rich Eisen. “I didn’t feel the need to step in. It was just a little fun. You guys can read into it however you want. We’ve got a competitive group. We’re very transparent in our competitive atmosphere.”

The football season is still many months away, and we don’t know whether Coates, Bryant, or neither is correct. Bryant’s reinstatement to the NFL still depends on him clearing several hurdles this offseason. While Bryant was suspended last season, Coates played poorly, dropping bushels of passes from Ben Roethlisberger. Both are talented deep threats, but they’ve both struggled, somehow or another.

The Steelers have a crowded receiver group. Antonio Brown’s the obvious No. 1, with Smith-Schuster and Eli Rogers locks to make the roster out of training camp. That leaves only two or three spots for Coates, Bryant, and a few other targets who kicked around the roster last year. The NFL’s a tricky business sometimes.

Few players manage to go from drastically overrated to drastically underrated during the same season, but that’s what Dobbs pulled off. He fumbles too much (which, combined with his small hands, creates a massive red flag) and makes random mistakes. But when he isn’t glitching, he’s doing incredible things.angels_036

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Jeff Diamond is the former president of the Titans and the former vice president/general manager of the Vikings

Mixon and his agent will be forced to negotiate a contract with major financial penalties in the event of any off-field incidents.

The pressure, then, will be on Mixon to prove he’s a changed man.

If not, his NFL career will be short.

Jeff Diamond is the former president of the Titans and the former vice president/general manager of the Vikings. He was selected NFL Executive of the Year in 1998. Diamond is currently a business and sports consultant who also does broadcast and online media work. He is the former chairman and CEO of The Ingram Group. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffdiamondNFL.

Garrett and Adams are the top two players on our draft board, and more than a few NFL teams agree. The Browns can get both thanks to their possession of the first overall pick and the fact that safeties rarely are drafted high. Cleveland can get its quarterback later, and a trade for one is unlikely.

The Browns are a bad overall team, and they need the best possible talent to start turning things around. Garrett is a transcendent edge rusher and the clear-cut top prospect in the 2017 class, regardless of whether he’s considered an end or an outside linebacker.

Don’t believe rumors about the Browns weighing whether to instead draft North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky or LSU RB Leonard Fournette. Those are smokescreens for teams picking right after them. Barring an unlikely, great offer for the Browns to trade down, the former Texas A&M stud — with a higher ceiling than Von Miller — is headed to Cleveland.

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Rey is standing on Volcanic Rock Island looking out at the sea.

A mans voice kind of whispers, What do you see? as the camera pans over the back of an old woman or mans head. Well, sir, now I see a smoldering pile of rubbish, because thats what the camera zooms in on next. Now I see more darkness. Now a light is shining on a map and it looks like Mordor but I know it isnt because this is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, not Lord of the Rings: The Fifth Million Film.

Were back on Geology 101 Island, where Rey, in her Bill Belichick-sleeve sweater, is practicing her lightsaber skills on a cliff overlooking the sea. It looks pretty dope, if a little lonely.

Still here? Welp, lets enter this free-fall together, then.

Im not going to give you any context other than to just describe what is going on so that you can really feel like youre watching it, too.
We begin in darkness. Ominous music plays. All of a sudden, we cut to Rey, who appears to have just landed on a rock from a fall. Shes wearing gray sweater sleeves that do not appear to be connected to the sweater itself, her hair is kind of messed up (but, like, sexy messed up), and shes breathing hard.

Now we are soaring over what looks like an ocean, approaching what Im pretty sure is an island made of rock, because most islands are, and also Rey fell onto a rock moments ago. I took Geology 101 junior year of college to fulfill the science requirement, so Im basically an expert: Please believe me when I tell you this rock is definitely volcanic.

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Many have basked in Davis’ MAC greatness since his junior season

It sounds good on its face, but digging deeper, you can see how high school coaches specifically get screwed.

You can see how the rule would hamper a distinct advantage a particular former high school would have, and therefore make someone a less desirable hire for a college job.

But the problem is some of these non-coaching positions aren’t shams. There are analyst jobs, quality control posts, and grad assistant roles that are on-ramps to the college coaching profession but will no longer be available to some people.

Some high school coaches aren’t qualified enough yet to be on the field at the college level, and now the NCAA has cut off a simple way for them to work their way into one of those positions.

2015 had more action than the year prior, but the parties involved weren’t much more exciting. New England traded back twice, getting an array of picks that included offensive guard Tre’ Jackson and long snapper Joe Cardona. A.J. Derby looked like he’d be a solid pickup as well, but the tight end lasted just four games before being traded to the Broncos.

Many have basked in Davis’ MAC greatness since his junior season, and the rush to crown him as the top receiver in the draft has guided some astray on what Davis can really be in the NFL.

He’s an impressive late-breaking route separator. He’s balanced throughout his routes and post-catch movements. He ran a wide variety of routes that will translate. But Davis doesn’t have the freakish size, length, speed or ball skills needed to be a top 10-worthy prospect. Some NFL teams have Davis graded as a second-round prospect.

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New Orleans looking to continue NFC South dominance

The New Orleans Saints are set to take on the Atlanta Falcons in an NFC South matchup that has surprisingly little divisional relevance. That’s due to the wide disparity in record between the two teams. New Orleans is 8-2, with losses to the New England Patriots and New York Jets, while the Falcons are 2-8, well out of the playoff race.

From Cam Newton to Luke Kuechly to “Riverboat Ron,” there’s so much to like about the Panthers, except for one person. That and more in Matt Ufford’s Fumblr.
Atlanta has lost to some poor teams, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals. It’s been a rough season in many ways, but all that matters at the end of the day is the fact that they aren’t winning. The Falcons have lost four consecutive games heading into this matchup, and already lost to the Saints in the Superdome in Week 1.

Arizona’s running game could be looking better and better as we go through the season. Rashard Mendenhall was the starter to begin the season, but he’s been below average, carrying 105 times for 323 yards and three touchdowns. Andre Ellington has been another thing entirely, though. He’s carried 54 times for 388 yards and two touchdowns.

Ellington has a per-carry average of 7.2 yards, but the Cardinals have been hesitant to put the ball in his hands more than 10 times per game. If they let him loose, he could really gouge the Jaguars for big yardage. Carson Palmer has been so-so this season, with 15 interceptions against his 12 touchdowns. Clearly, letting Ellington run free is the biggest thing for the Cardinals this week.